Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Firstborn

Secretly you came-


By night

You crept into my rounded cove

And bedded down.

I didn't know

It was determined

That a seed

Dividing, multiplying,

Taking what was "mine"

Would rob selfishness

In order to enrich me.

-Janet Carlton

Nine Month Stats

Jayden just turned 9 months! He is cruising along the furniture and walks behind a push toy. He just got his first two teeth last week and is learning what "no, no" means. After I tell him no-no, he will go around singing, "na, na, na, na." He was 21lbs 3oz (50th percentile) and 29 inches long (75th percentile) at his appointment. He is so funny and entertaining. Oh, and best of all, he has begun sleeping 11-12 hours at night!