Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our Sweet Baby Girl

Here is a picture from my ultrasound today.  She measured about a week ahead of schedule at 3lbs 14oz.  She was trying to can see her hand over her right eye.  She has the exact same mouth, nose, cheeks and chin as Jayden.  It was shocking to see her in 4D and to see how beautiful she looked.  We are so excited to meet her!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


It amazes me every day to see how much Jayden loves Demetrius. They were sitting on the futon together and Jayden spontaneously turned towards Demetrius and gave him a "kiss." Can't believe I had the camera so close by!

I am always talking about how long Jayden's hair is getting. I thought I'd take a picture after his bath to show just how long it really is.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summerville Update

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

Many of you have held us in your prayers throughout the last few months as we transitioned to this new phase in our lives. We wanted to give you an update on what has transpired just this week alone (and it's only Wednesday)! His provision has been humbling and faith building. Our hope is that we will remember His goodness and stop doubting his plan for us.

The contract on our house is moving along and we are looking to close around the first of September. We had to replace the roof but the buyer agreed to finance it into their mortgage! We have also seen much financial provision in the areas of tuition and in one time financial gifts from friends and family. These gifts have really been used to help us get through the past three months of double house payments. Saying "thank you" doesn't feel like enough but it's all we we do genuinely thank you.

Demetrius, Jayden and I will all have medical insurance beginning next month. Journey will be automatically added once she is born. We are so thankful for this amazing "gift" of God's provision...many of our basic needs are being met without any further debt! Demetrius also has a neat opportunity to work part time for the NBA's Orlando Magic this season. If he gets the job, he will be working home games in the Merchandise Department. We are excited because not only is it a cool/fun job for him but it will not keep him away from home much.

We are anticipating the birth of our little girl Journey! Although my last ultrasound was canceled because of the tropical storm, we are pretty sure that the doctor will induce me a week or two early since she is apparently growing fast. So, we are looking at about 8 more weeks until her arrival. We have been given lots of hand-me-down clothes for her, which has been so great.

I hope our news is as encouraging to our friends and family as it has been to us. We are never left alone to figure things out when we have a Father who looks after our needs (physical, emotional and spiritual).

The Men, the Olympics and their Macs

This is a scene I have witnessed many times since the Olympics began. The guys (Demetrius, Shane and Josh...a New Zealand friend) watching the games while "working" on their seminary assignments. The first day of fall classes were canceled because of the Tropical Storm. Do they look disappointed? Actually, I think they're ready to get this semester started!

Random Fun

Funny faces...this is the look he gave me after I parted his curly hair on the side. I think we'll stick with the afro!

Jayden now knows how to use Daddy's MP3 player. He will go up to Demetrius, reach for one of the ear buds and put it in his ear. He loves father, like son.

Just chillin' on the futon watching a little "Boz" and "Praise Baby."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A New Contract

We have a new contract on our house in Mobile! The home inspection is today and the deal should close in the next few weeks. We are cautiously excited but excited nonetheless. We are definitely thankful! Keep you posted...

Monday, August 11, 2008

33 weeks???

I had my 28 week appointment today. My doctor says the baby measured 33 weeks! I personally think he's nuts but we get an extra ultrasound either way. Going in next Tuesday to see just how big (or how completely normal) this little girl of ours is. Keep you posted...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Home Stretch...

I just passed the 28 week mark, which means I am beginning my third trimester. This pregnancy has flown by. I am truly looking forward to meeting our little girl, learning her personality and watching her grow. The nesting phase has hit full force...

I guess most people feel more confident with their second child and I must say that I will definitely have more appropriate expectations of this baby. I usually don't say that I have "regrets" about things, but I do regret not allowing myself to enjoy Jayden's baby days. I was so worried about regulating him and getting him to conform that at times I missed out on just enjoying him. I just worried about too much like a lot of first time moms do. I think I will do a better job about being flexible now that I know how fast they grow up.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Practicing with Pink

Demetrius helped Shane feed the girls while LaJuan was working one day. We decided that he looks good in pink...good thing since he will be having his own little pink princess in two more months. I thought this picture was hilarious with Demetrius using LaJuan's pink nursing pillow and holding Jocelyn in her favorite position...the football hold.

My Little Man

I just really loved this picture. Jayden is getting so big. He looks like he could be starting Kindergarten any day now.

Making Room for TWO!

After much effort on Mom's part, we finally got Journey's crib together. The room looks great! I never imagined I would be putting two babies in one room, but here we are!
Here is a picture of Journey's crib with her new bedding, baby doll and her monogram picture for the wall.

Journey's cradle...thanks Parks family! Jayden looking very proud of his crib!

A Visit from the Family!!!

My Mom and Angela came for a quick visit to bring Journey's crib we had purchased before we left Mobile. We had a great time together!
My Gram bought these "cool" shades to protect my eyes from the sun.

Jayden and "TT" hangin' out on the swing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Weekend with the Girls

1st Time for Everything

Looks like we might have our first case of pink eye. Jayden has been in the church nursery and to the pool this week so there is a great possibility he has bacterial pink eye. Waiting for the doctor to call us back. This may be our first round of antibiotics...

We are praying that we can keep it contained so that we don't all get it. Definitely don't want the babies or me to get it since I'm pregnant.

Any suggestions for prevention and/or ways to help keep it from spreading would be graciously welcomed!