Friday, February 25, 2011

3 musketeers

I hereby introduce to you...the 3 Musketeers. That would be Selah-bug on the far left. She has unofficially (along with her Mommy Melonie) become part of our family. She is about 7 weeks older than Journey and 2 years to the day older than Hope. We love them so much! I've mentioned before that Melonie has a budding photography business.

I just love this picture she took because these are their signature facial expressions.

Monday, February 21, 2011

they make my heart glad


Random t.v. watching position. He never ceases to amaze me:)
He is finally eating a little better. We are working on it...
This represents today's Jayden. He is always "the best, fastest, strongest, tallest, biggest, smartest, oldest, betterest." He is obsessed with being first and in the front...often pushing little Journey aside to show how big his muscles are. Sigh.
But don't be too alarmed. He loves her. One night she slept in our bed after throwing up all in hers. Jayden woke up screaming "I. Need. My. Sissssssssssssttttterrrrrrrrrr. I. CAN'T. SLEEP WITHOUT JOURRRRRRRNNNNNEEEEYYYYYYY." She adores him.
His creativity amazes me. I love seeing him grow and learn. He built this train track around the "city." He loves cities with tall buildings. He loves Orlando.


Can't get enough of this girl. Seriously, she is just the best.
Big smile. Pretty nails. She is ALL girl.
Caught the cute little lisp on camera. This is her saying "Cheese."
It's puzzle mania at our house. I really love it when they get about 7 different ones out at the same time. Please note: sunglasses and headband.
Cell. Sunglasses. Dora book. Just about sums it up.


Umm. Does this look like any 5 1/2 month old you know? This girl is clearly gonna follow her big sister's growth trend. Geez.
Sitting up these days!

Having serious sister-like conversation.

Had her first taste of food tonight! She's been ready for a while. Me? Not-so-much.

Cereal face. I think she's saying "it's about time mom."