Sunday, June 29, 2008

Journey Elizabeth Summerville

She has a name! We have 100% decided on it...thus the new painting. I can't wait to get the painting up with her crib and new bedding.

Also, I met my new doctor last week...Ricardo Lopez M.D! I walked into his office and everyone including the receptionist was speaking Spanish. All of the signs were in Spanish and the staff are all bilingual. It was funny. Besides that, everyone was really friendly and the doctor was pretty nice. I will be delivering at an amazing mother/baby hospital called Winnie Palmer. It's more like a high class hotel if you ask me...needless to say "mama" is excited! You can check it out at

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Roomies x 4

Shane, LaJuan, Gabbie and Jocelyn

Gabrielle Grace

Jocelyn Hope

Fun in the Sun with My New Froggie Pool

Jayden's New Bedding and Picture

Since Jayden and his little sister will be sharing a room we decided to go ahead and buy matching crib sets. Hers will be pink and brown but it's the same pattern as his new one. I painted a canvas to go along with his bedding and it is hanging above his crib. We bought their bedding online for only $60 each! You know I love a great deal. Just thought I would share some pictures of the new and improve nursery....more to come once I finished hers.

Oh, and can you see how big the sandy brown afro is getting? I love it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thanks for the Bubble Bath Olivia!

Jayden took his first bubble bath tonight. He really loved it. This was one of his birthday gifts from his little girlfriend Olivia Brazier.

Tan Lines Already?

Our friend April took Jayden for a walk the other day and after I changed his diaper I immediately noticed that he has a major tan line on his legs. You can see it in both pictures. It is really crazy that it happened that fast. The bubble bath picture shows all of his little farmers tan. I guess I'm going to have to let him run around outside naked to even it out a little.

Growing a baby

I'm 21 weeks pregnant now...time is flying by. I haven't found a new doctor yet but I will attempt to do that next week sometime.

We are pretty sure her name is going to "Journey" but we are having trouble coming up with a middle name. We have thought about using my middle name which is Elizabeth or using Elise, which is another version of Elizabeth. I also found another middle name I kind of like, "Reese" which means journey in Afrikaans. We would welcome any middle name suggestions as well.

This baby is way less active than Jayden was in the womb...hope that will continue because I don't know what I would do with two busy babies! We will try to keep taking pictures to document her/my growth.

Journey-a passage or pilgrimage through life

One Year Checkup

We took Jayden to his one year appointment before we left Mobile. He weighed 23 lbs and 9 oz and was 30 inches long! We have a big boy on our hands. He is sleeping well and eating better than ever. He is repeating words on occasion (such as "a lot, backpack, jayden.") His most frequently used words are dada, mama, bye bye, thank you, no no and ball. He loves to climb on or into anything and he continues to be a daddy's boy. He has adjusted to our new house in Orlando and seems to like it pretty well. Although he definitely misses his gram, pop, gg and tt in Alabama!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Empty Spaces...

The cabinets are empty and Jayden took no time to find out and enjoy the empty cabinets, boxes and any other small space he could fit his body into. I think he knows something is just not right at home. I know he will adjust to our new home but it is pretty sad to think about the big move. We are very excited about everything that is to come....we just wish we could pack a few people up to take with us in the Uhaul.

Our Birthday Boy

Jayden celebrated his first birthday yesterday. He was so sweet when he woke up and heard us singing happy birthday to him. It was so crazy to recall the events of the previous year...the labor, delivery and beginning of parenthood reality. We are just so thankful that God has given us this precious gift. If you know him well, you know he is one of a kind. He's so funny and independent. He is so much a daddy's boy. Of course, he loves him mama too. He was almost 30 inches at his 1 year appointment (50th percentile) and was a whopping 23 lbs 9 oz (which is somewhere between 50th and 75th). We had his birthday party at the park last weekend and he played for two hours straight. He wanted nothing to do with eating the party food or the birthday was all play. His little cheeks were bright red and he loved every minute of it. Thanks to all who came, we hope to get the thank you notes out before he turns 2! Ha ha. Here are some pictures from the big day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boxes...oh the Boxes

Well it is that time...we are now living out of suitcases and overnight bags. Clothes are packed in boxes, toys in boxes, practically everything we boxes. I'm not an emotional guy but it is starting to sink in now that we are moving. Can't wait to settle down and UNPACK already. I get on edge when stuff is not in its place...just call me Oscar le Grouch. The spirit of sadness has hit my heart while at the same time I am overjoyed by the upcoming adventure. In case you didn't notice it is Demetrius and I'll be on here posting updates here and there...get ready cause you will all receive free counseling sessions via my posts:0