Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

He loved it.

She didn't.

Okay...maybe I'll touch one.

Jayden the pumpkin farmer?


He loves it!

We went back and forth about getting a bed rail or just getting a toddler bed. Here is my (well my parent's actually) $40 craigslist purchase (orlando craigslist is MAJORLY awesome). The rails on craigslist were $15. We decided this would fit better in an apartment, which is where we will probably be in about 6 months. That's right...back to Mobile in just 6 months!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A New Transition

He has fallen asleep in his baby bathtub.

On his changing table.

Laying inside the boppy.

In his carseat....and....

IN A BIG BOY BED!!! We have officially transitioned our baby, I mean big boy to a bed. We took his crib rail off yesterday. We talked it up all day and when it came bedtime he kept asking me to "fits it." He wanted me to put the rail back up. I just told him he was so brave and I was so proud of him. That's all it took! Well, and a little warning that he would get a spanking if he got up. I took a friend's suggestion and told him he could not get up but if he called me I would come in and check on him. He called me in once but that was all. He called out for Demetrius twice during the night and with daddy's reassurance he went back to sleep. This is what I heard at 4a.m.

"mommmmmmmmyyyyy....daddddddddddyyyyyy...I on da floor."

He fell of the bed onto a pile of pillows I strategically placed in the event that he fell out. I was pretty impressed that he did not get up from the floor but called out to have us come get him. He had a smile on his face when I went to get him. He reminded me several times today that he fell off the bed. Followed by him telling me "but I not scared." He napped in his bed today for the first time too. I can't believe he transitioned so easily. This kid is not usually great a big transitions. Grace...