Thursday, May 29, 2008

Picture Update

This is a picture of our rental house...2736 Cypress Head Trail, Oviedo, FL 32765

Jayden loves Curious George...which will be his 1st Bday party theme!

Don't mess with me I'm workin' on my laptop...I mean DVD player!

A little bottled water anyone?

Jayden continues to believe Demetrius "hung the moon." I love it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Place to Call Home

Wanted to let everyone know that our house-hunting trip to Orlando went really well. Demetrius, Shane Black and I left on Wednesday night to drive down. We saw several houses but only a few would actually work for both families to live in together...that's right we are living with another couple! It's going to be quite a journey...four adults and four children (once our baby is born in October). The kids will be 16 months and younger...YIKES! We are getting really excited about the move.

Back to the is really ideal for all of us. It was an answer to our prayers as we did not think we were going to be able to rent this particular one. After being invited over to the homeowners other home, he decided that he would allow two families to live there together. At first he gave an absolute "NO" and we really just prayed that God would change his heart...and He did! Our babies will share a bedroom and the Black twins will share a bedroom as well. That leaves a bedroom for each couple, a playroom, a multipurpose room (for a desk, couch, futon, etc), and a very large open kitchen, dining and living room area. We are thankful that we can put bouncers, swings, toys, etc in one room and keep the living room mostly toy free. We will have a two car garage and a screened in back porch. This house is beautiful and it's in a great neighborhood.

So, the plan is to move down on June 14th-ish. We have a lot to do before then and could of course use some help loading the UHAUL...hint hint. We also have a coffee table we are trying to get rid off. And we are selling our washer and dryer so if you know anyone who needs them let me know!

Please pray that our house would sell quickly and that Demetrius would receive a scholarship for school. We are also starting to raise monthly financial support and are looking to build our prayer team as well.

Keep you posted...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

That's Whatz Up!

Five hundred million fun, exciting and challenging things are going down all at once. I'm gonna try to hit the high points, throw in a few pictures and call it an update. I wonder if people even check my blog anymore since I never keep up with it. So, here's to hoping someone's out there listening (looking?)!

We celebrated our 3rd my ob-gyn (by the way we were there last year on our anniversary when I was preggie with Jayden...tradition maybe?)

Took Jayden to the beach for the first time...he cried when we walked to the shoreline

We spent a week in Nashville with Demetrius...Jayden's first swim in the pool and he loved it

I celebrated my first Mother's thankful for the privilege to be a mother

We put our house on the market...praying we'll sell within a month

Began raising financial support and a prayer team for seminary...any takers?

Started my second trimester...10 more days til we know if baby is a boy or girl

I've been working on a couple adoptions with work...I love this

Jayden started walking a month he's running, climbing and hiding in small crevices

I started my Mary Kay business...Yaaayyy

I lost all of my numbers from my old cell phone....booooooo
Demetrius got a new he just needs to learn how to play it