Friday, June 10, 2011

Best Donuts Ever

Thanks to my girl, Sarah Bruner I have now experienced the BEST donuts in the world.
This was a fun time for us... the big kids had their very own donut!
Sugar highs for all of us...

I have a four year old.

Jayden turns 4 tomorrow. I can't believe I have a KID!
Jumping for joy (with one of his flip flops and one of journey's flip flops) because his friends were over. You know you have a KID and not a baby when his friends knock on our door and ask if Jayden can play with them.
He is really an amazing swimmer. He is now snorkeling! He is so calm in the water and it's so fun to watch him learn and grow.
Tomorrow we are having a race car themed birthday party. I know some people despise "themed" parties but it's his day and that is what he loves!

Hope at 9 months!

It doesn't seem possible that my sweet baby is already 9 months old.
That would be a pancake she's munching on. She refuses to eat baby food. Just big kid food:)
Hope Floats!
She hurts my eyes... seriously. It should be a crime to be this pretty.

Friday, June 3, 2011

like a fish. like a mermaid.

Journey swimming from instructor to the steps.

We started swim lessons this week! This isn't something we originally planned to do but we were given a great opportunity and given the fact that we are here in Florida to stay we decided to go for it. I'm so glad we did. This is PediaSwim. It is more than just swimming and/or survival. It's day 3 for us and I can tell that my very strong-willed little guy is gaining self control and confidence. I can't wait to see what this does for him (and the girls of course).

Journey again swimming from instructor to instructor. She could not and would not swim even a little 3 days ago.

Hope is learning to get to the surface and float. She will eventually learn to turn onto her tummy, kick to the edge and hold on. At this age, it's all about survival and she will need to have refresher courses to progress her to "swimming." No doubt... she hates it. She started crying when we walked up to the pool this morning. But, she is learning!

If you know my boy (or have read my blog for any time at all) you know that it's a fight to get his hair washed. He has never liked to get his hair or face wet. Our weekly or bi-weekly hair washing is d.r.a.m.a. I had no idea how he would do and honestly I was a tad scared he would throw some fists (not a fit...i'm talking punches here). Fears were confirmed and he went nuts! But, his no-fuss instructor was amazing and now he is doing awesome!

Hope and Journey floating on their backs (day 2)

Journey-girl was all about it on day 1. She couldn't wait for her turn. Now she is being challenged a big more and didn't want to go back. She is doing really well and will be like her best friend, Ariel (aka the little mermaid) in no time!

Facing his fears. I'm so proud of him.


I have shared the link before. But, if you're like me you need to hear her account again and again. For perspective and for remembering what we have been made for.