Friday, February 20, 2009

A Big Day for Journey Girl...

Marking the spot...she started to get worried at this point.

This was the second ear. I know you are thinking we are crazy for torturing her in such a way but I promise she cries worse when I try to clean out her nose!

The last little cry before she happily went about her day. I think she cried for a total of 4 seconds. It was a sad 4 seconds though.

Jayden once again loving on his little sister. We were strolling through the mall and he spontaneously decided she needed a kiss.

At last...the pretty girl is on her way with new diamond stud earrings. Our big girl is four months old today!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A day in the life of us....

Here we have jayden "riding" the car on the futon...Please note he is in possession of the paci, which he calls "bassss" and his pillow, which he affectionately refers to as, Billow-billow.

Curious George climbing up to see just what it is Sister is doing in her crib. Today she rolled over for the first time from stomach to back. She did it twice!

Here are our two "new" car seats with Jayden's all-time favorite material...the dots. Journey's seat was passed down from a friend in Mobile when Jayden grew out of his infant seat at 5 months old. He's been using it until recently when we decided Journey was ready for a bigger seat. I got another used car seat from Craigslist for Jayden so all I needed were covers, which I found at WalMart!

Do you see anything wrong in this picture? Yes, that is Jayden in the Jenny Jump Up. I borrowed this for Journey but Jayden keeps coming to me and saying "jum, jum." So, I couldn't resist and I've been letting him enjoy it since we didn't have one for him when he was little.

I thought this was a sweet picture. I can't even tell you how amazing it is to see Journey and Jayden interacting. Jayden has been incredibly sweet and gently with her. He hugs and kisses her without being provoked and anytime she is within his reach he goes to sit, lay or stand by her. When she is crying in her crib he comes to get me and says, "jern, jern." Basically, he's letting me know she is crying and wants me to go get her. It is heart warming and beautiful.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hair Do's

You can't really get the full effect but Jayden's hair was completed flattened on one side after a particularly long nap. It was so funny in person...the picture doesn't quite capture it. LaJuan and I laughed SO hard at him.

Journey's hair has really grown a lot. Yesterday I decided to bust open the barrettes! Isn't she adorable?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things About Me!

1. My son is obsessed with my husband….but so am I. He is also obsessed with balls. Everything that is remotely round is a ball. He is not obsessed with food in fact we have to beg him to eat just about anything.

2. I love to sleep. My ideal amount would be 9-10 at night and a 1hr nap each afternoon. Obviously doesn’t happen that way at my house. But, I am not by any means sleep deprived…thank you Lord.

3. I played 3 sports for ten years until I went to college on a volleyball scholarship. Softball was one of those that I played and never did actually like it. I couldn’t hit a beach ball with a 2x4. I loved it when they let someone hit for me (jade)! I once hit 12 people in one game (I was the pitcher…oops).

4. I am (was) accident prone. I broke my pinky in half in 1998…had shoulder surgery in 1999…herniated 3 discs in my back in 2000…had ankle surgery in 2001…reinjured my back in 2002, ending my college volleyball career. Not much of a “career” considering I was always hurt!

5. I had the best roommates/friends in college. Three of them recently flew in on a surprise visit! Sweet. I have also had one friend for 23 years now! Met in Kindergarten ☺

6. I have been pregnant 21 of the 42 months I have been married. Pregnant for 3 mths….a two month break….pregnant for 9 mths…seven month break….pregnant for 9 months! Wow, good think I actually liked being pregnant. Hoping for a much longer “break” this time.

7. I love stinging hot showers and the smell of clean babies.

8. I adore my baby girl, Journey. I have enjoyed everything about her and I fear that I will forget how it feels to be “in the moment” with her. It is a priceless feeling….a swelling of the heart.

9. I hate scary movies…actually I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to entertainment. I do love a romantic comedy though.

10. My favorite shows are 24 and American Idol. Don’t really watch anything else.

11. Raw meat makes me gag. I don’t like to touch anything that remotely looks like a dead animal. Definitely don’t cook meat that has bones in it!

12. I wouldn’t mind if we NEVER had a pet. I don’t care for animals…at all.

13. My heart literally breaks when I think about war torn African countries and child soldiers. I am also broken for the mass number of children orphaned by AIDS.

14. I can be lazy…disguised a “laid back.”

15. I am afraid of frogs…thanks to my mother. I was actually a very fearful child and young adult. I have grown in that area…I am no longer the baby of the house!

16. The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt someone’s feelings.

17. I am a blog stalker and I get mad when people (who are obviously busy and have more important things to do) don’t update their blogs.

18. I think I have the cutest baby boy ever born (and so does every other mother who has a son, I know). But come on…have you ever seen such an amazing blonde afro? Didn’t think so.

19. I love the concept and act of adoption. It is amazing to be apart of it. It is a reminder of how we were adopted as sons and daughters of the Most High King.

20. I have the worst (best) sweet tooth ever. Some of the favs…chocolate chip cookies, coldstone ice cream, dark choc. brownies, oreos and milk and anything peanut butter.

21. I am a dreamer…I love to think about the future.

22. I have never been west of Texas and NEED to go. I want to see the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains.

23. I can juggle.

24. I often wonder…is this my life? Are these my kids? Is this my story…

25. The answer is always yes and it is always a wonderful realization. I am in love with the man I married and I am so thankful for my babies.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Gotta love it when you straighten your hair for the first time in a month and your little princess spits up all over you! Definitely had to wash my hair and obviously change the shirt. Thanks baby girl!

More of the Babies...

Jayden once again wearing Daddy's shirt. He brought it to me to wanting to wear it after Demetrius had been gone at school all day. Loves his daddy.

Jayden just LOVES to lay on his sister!

Pretty girl before church this past Sunday.

Is it time for exersaucers already? I put her in the twins' saucer yesterday and she loved it! She is so strong and she knew how to work all the toys. Growing up to fast!

Another bath time photo shoot of crazy hair!