Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Reading...on a more serious note.

I just finished this book and I would recommend it to anyone who struggles to understand how slavery impacts us today.  I think we'd all like to think that the implications of the events Harriet Jacobs writes about have nothing to do with us or our generation.  So, the next time you find yourself in Barnes & Noble you may want to forego your latte and pick up this classic instead.  It just might spark a change in your did mine. 

Her story is really personal.  Along with many a story of brutal physical and sexual abuse Harriet Jacobs tells of the inevitable trials that lie ahead for the slave girl...
  • of how one must wean her own baby so that she can give proper nourishment to her mistress' newborn 
  • of how she cannot enjoy the Christmas season because on new years her children will be sold into slavery and ripped away from her (and she doesn't even get to know where they go)
  • of how black slaves are not allowed to marry and how black men are not allowed to stick up for their women or children
  • of how the pregnant slave is often reminded of her own fate as she delivers yet another baby of her slave master
  • of how she is made to believe that she is being cared for by her master and mistress as to somehow keep her full of gratitude towards them

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bball clothes from Aunt Julia & Uncle Lance

BBall Hoop from GG, Uncle Brian and Auntie Angela

More fun at home.

Can you imagine this scene being the everyday one? It really looks like a daycare especially when they are all playing right on top of each other...which is basically always.

The next big event...potty training.  He's not a big fan so we will see how it goes???

I had to include this one.  Can you say "terrible twos."  He is such a fun and sweet kid but at times he has a serious little attitude.

His left handed follow thru.  Right before I snapped the picture he says..."i shoot it."  He does this ALL THE TIME!!!

Getting his "Bron James" on.  That's what he calls a sweatband or headband of any kind.  LeBron James.  Silly boy.

Friends at Mobile Party

One of my best friends...Morgan and her new little boy Micah. He is the definition of "chill."

Nick and Tay-Tay representing the Villacampa gang.

3 out of 5 Parksies!

Jennifer Bergoon with Isabelle McShea.  Thanks again Jennifer for everything!

Scott and Caden Sanchez.  Scott worked with Demetrius at Integrity and I became friends with his wife good to see old friends.

Second 2nd Birthday Party...MOBILE!

We had jayden's 2nd 2nd (we had 2 parties) birthday party in Mobile.  I will add the Bham party pics once I get them uploaded.   We had a pool party for Jayden and we all had a blast! Thanks to everyone who came and hung out with us. 
Brandon McShea and his new little girl Isabelle. I think she looks just like her mommy...beautiful! 
Hangin' out by the pool. It was HOT!

Jayden and Demetrius "SLAM DUNKIN" the basketball.  They did this probably 100 times at least.

Isabelle relaxing in the hammock.  What a sweet girl!

New Favorite Pictures

Red-faced Jayden taking a rest after a hard fought basketball game with Pop in Mobile.

These were taken before church this morning.  She was exceptionally photogenic for some reason today. 
She just turned 8 months as she's almost 21 lbs and she's 29 inches tall!  She has had her first table foods...graham crackers and yogurt bites.  
The Princess.

The Prince.

A Quick Visit to Nanny's in Georgia

I have so many things to add...lots of pictures from 2 very exciting birthday parties for Jayden and vacation in Birmingham, Mobile and Georgia.  Demetrius and I are also having a little get-a-way next week when my mom and his sister Angela come to visit and to keep the kids.  We haven't been away together without our kids ever except when we were house hunting down here before we moved (before Journey was born).  Let's just say...we need it! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Singing Itsy Bitsy Spider~Journey's favorite song.

Sweet girl...

A rare picture of them together (notice j wearing daddy's shoe).

Journey's organic "all natural" t-shirt from Auntie Portia.

No words to describe...

Playing golf or smoking a really long pipe.

Birthday Boy!


Last Month

One Year Ago

One Year

Week 1

Day 1

Friday, June 5, 2009

Best Toy Ever

Elizabeth Rose gave us this toy and both of our kids have LOVED it. It's fun seeing Journey learn how to do things just like Jayden did. It's a privilege to be here with them and watch them grow.
Jayden at 9mths crawling through the toy door. I remember how proud of himself he was!

I recognize this look of accomplishment.

Being a sweet big brother...pushing Journey in the car that Gran (Shane's mom) brought down from Georgia.

Um...I'm tired now. I think I'll hitch a ride home.

Balancing act...bball shirt of course.

Red buggy car show. I know people think we run an illegal daycare. Nope, no one getting paid $100/wk per kid here.

Red buggy car races. On your marks...get set...GO!


This is what we do everyday. Everyday. We draw a million basketballs on the driveway and then the rain washes them away. Then, we do it again the next day.

Jayden sitting in the chalk mural. Notice all of the dangerous chemicals in the background?

Jayden playing basketball on the sidewalk. He has started stealing my headbands and wearing them like sweatbands.

So, we spent $2 and bought a real sweatband. He thinks anyone with a sweatband is Lebron James. He goes around saying BronJames (one word). Maybe he'll be the next Lebron?

Last but not least...I am doing a half marathon with my bestie Portia. It's in Virginia Beach September 6th. So, I decided to take a pre-training picture for the fun of it! Training starts on Monday...wish me luck!