Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sweet Hope

This is one happy (drooly) girl!

Contrary to how it appears...these rolls, this double chin and these hand dimples are all natural. No sugar or artificial ingredients:)


Just figured out where these slanty asian-like eyes came from. My mom of all people.
Determined to take a taste.

Sit back and relax...

Christmas-time is here!

My parents and sister are here this week. So, we opened some presents today since my sister has to work on Christmas day. The kids had a blast. Journey took her time opening and inspecting each gift. We had to make her open her next gift. So cute!

Merry Christmas! I'm 16 whole weeks old...

Jayden on the other hand...TORE into his gifts. One right after another in one fatal swoop. He was most excited about this shake and go chick hicks car. Can ya tell?

This is How We Do It

3 across the back. Can you hear what I hear? "She's touching me!"
Jayden is still LOVE STRUCK. I thought he would be over her by now but he's constantly telling me "I'm so glad we have this baby."

Fun times

What up?
Flexin' for the ladies.
Baby Princess.
No words for this one.
The real deal Princess Tiana.

Our Little Dennis the Menace

She gets into EVERYTHING! Including Hope's bathtub. Looks as though she is laying by the pool.
Get's into brother's undies:)
And out of brother's undies...just to read a couple of books. Comfort wins out over style. That's my girl...
Face painted with diaper cream. Imagine bright blue toothpaste as well...that was another day. In fact, the same day that an entire salt shaker was emptied on my table.
Sunscreen/vaseline combo.

New Camera!

Guess who got a new camera? Thanks Mom and Angie! They secretly said it was a gift for them because they want to see pictures on my blog again....either way I love it!

Is it my imagination or does my baby girl have a noggin' on her? It's like as big as mine:) Love this girl! P.S. She thinks she's a real live princess. I agree.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daddy Fun

Demetrius is an incredible dad. The kids shake with excitement when they hear him unlock and open the door at the end of the day. I love seeing their relationship grow.

He took the big kids today while I went to a baby shower with Hope. They always enjoy their special time with their daddy.

Hope Elise

Our baby girl is 3 months old! How did that happen? She is a fabulous little girl who is quite smiley and talkative these days. She is sleeping 11-12 hours at night and wakes up cooing and happy! Wow...what a gift.
Here is our baby testing out Journey's toddler bed. I took her for her 2mth checkup a few days ago (at 3mths old:) and she was a healthy 14lbs 11oz and 24 inches long. She is more and more content in the swing and bouncer but our girl still despises her carseat. That's about the extent of her troubles...I say we are doing pretty well!
She does great at the ymca and she is still loving the maya wrap. She is easy going and pretty much adjusts her day to whatever we have going on. I think she'll learn to be fairly flexible as a result of being the 3rd kid. We are falling more and more in love with her every day. The big kids fight over who gets to do stuff to take care of her.
Smiley baby!
I'm cracking up Hope's face in this picture! HA...

Best Mall Decor Ever

Last night we went to the mall to see the huge Christmas tree. The mall is .5 miles from our house and it's fun, free entertainment! Journey brought her shopping bag, cell phone and of course she wore her princess tiara.
The boys. Jayden is copying Demetrius' stance. He says he's as big as daddy. Um...not quite. Handsome as daddy? Most definitely:)
Jayden taking a picture beside his favorite number. We do everything in "5s" at our house. Strange little guy....gotta love him though.
The shopping princess herself.

Brother and Sister

These two crack me up. Yesterday morning they just carried their blankets and pillows straight from their beds when they woke up and set up shop in the kitchen. Random. Hilarious.
Thanksgiving Day in Birmingham.
Christmas party at Restore Orlando. Minnie and Mickey were there!


All tuckered out after a fun night at Blake and Lindsay's house. Yes, she is naked:)
Trunk or treat.
Wow, look at those muscles!


We are all really starting to make some friends. We helped a few guys move recently and this is their fabulous pool. Yes, this was November:)

Our 2 year old!

Sweet (gansta) Journey-girl turned two a few short months ago. I do have some good birthday pictures but they are on my mom's camera. I was also a little behind with her 2 year old checkup but she was a healthy 33lbs and 36 1/2 inches tall. Both of those are in the upper 90th percentiles. This picture above is of her wearing Uncle Brian's necklace, which was so heavy she had to take it off occasionally to take a rest. But, she worn it A LOT. And, this is one of my favorite faces she makes.
This girl loves music and anytime music comes on she has to dance. I'm talking she could be half asleep and her hips will start swaying as soon as she hears a beat. She's got it in her...and I love it. She also has the most adorable figure ever. She is curvy in all the right places and I'm not gonna lie I'm a lil tad bit jealous of those perfect curves:)
Most days she is in her princess attire. We have an insane amount of affection for this little girl. There is just something about her that makes everyone melt. Sweet girl. She is also super talkative, loves Dora, can stand up to her brother but is quick to say she's sorry, is a good eater and sleeper, loves books and can run, jump and ride a tricycle.
We took a road trip to B'Ham for Thanksgiving. It was wild and crazy but we survived...and it was totally worth it to see the family. This picture above was taken at Troy University. It was a fun pit stop on our way.

We Love Trains!

A Few Favorites