Friday, July 23, 2010

My Friend JULIA tagged me...

3 names I go by...
Elizabeth (dad and grandmother)

3 places I have been...

3 favorite drinks...
Iced Caramel Macchiato
Diet Coke
Skim milk

3 random jobs I have had...
McDonalds (summer beach project)
Volleyball Camp Player/Coach
Craigslist Seller (my current job)

3 shows I watch...
I just realized I haven't watched a single show at my house in the last 2 months...

3 places I would like to visit...
The Grand Canyon
New York City

3 favorite retro TV shows...
Cosby Show
Full House
Saved by the Bell

3 places I have lived...
Troy, Alabama
LaBelle, Florida
Clinton, North Carolina

3 things I am looking forward to...
having our 3rd baby
our parents moving to orlando
seeing my hubby walk through the front door (always)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Favorites

Blue skies...
Big girl swing.
Pop's boy loves to fish.
Hot days...cold watermelon.
Jayden's prized possession...."Dinoco."
My fabulous parents.
Best Pop ever.
Gone fishin'...again.
Trying to spot some fish.
Jayden blending in with the house.
Our Princess.
Best sister ever...
Did I mention our girl loves to eat?
"No, Journey's cute, I'm just strong and funny."
Happy girls.

A Pregnant Mama's Dream

One thing I'm thankful for is this amazing sink (bathtub) in the laundry room. For a pregnant mama with two squirmy toddlers, it's a dream come true. There is also a child sized bathroom just to the left of the sink but we prefer this method instead.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Pop is the Best.

We love "our" pool.

We are house sitting in our friends house here in Orlando this summer. They have a great hot tub that we use as a pool. It is a daily activity and many days we go swimming two times!
She loves her new floaties and the new found freedom they provide.
Yes, we go fishing in the pool as well. Yes, we do put a shirt on Journey...sometimes. Yes, Demetrius is striking a pose although I'm sure it was unintentional:)
Journey and Pop. This girl has everyone spoiling her. She is such a sweet kid, you just can't help it.
Our little oasis in the middle of summer.


I peeked in Jayden's room one afternoon to check on him during naptime and this is what I saw.
And I went to find Journey one morning after things got a little too quiet and this is how I found her.


These were taken a few months ago but I just got them from my mom's camera. We went to a Thomas playdate at Toys R Us one Saturday morning. Journey was just as happy "riding" the Elmo rides (without any movement of course:)

There is a great indoor playground near our house....great for rainy (and/or HOT) days and it's FREE! It's in the mall and the kids really love it.
Journey is definitely not shy or timid when it comes to play time. She will do anything brother does and it actually quite a bit more daring than he is.
Cruisin' around in my automobile.


They are their daddy's kids. They can work an iPod or iPhone like any adult can!

31 weeks

If this baby comes around the same time as the others (38.5 wks) I only have about 7 weeks to go!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I thought it was noteworthy to mention:

1. All 3 of my children had hiccups today.
2. We haven't used a pull-up on Jayden (day or night) for 1 week!
3. My parents were here over the weekend so I have LOTS of pictures to post...tomorrow.