Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Pictures just a Long Overdue Update...

Jayden dropped our camera so we are picture-less for a little while. So, while I'd rather post a bunch a cute pictures I will write the update that I've been putting off.  It's just so much easier to put the fun, easy stuff out there, right?  Ok, I do have a funny thing to write...Jayden calls pepperoni "peppered brownie" and Journey calls grapes "beeps."  Love it. 

So, as most of you know we are not moving back to Alabama like we originally planned.  A few different things provoked us to actually pray about our next steps instead of just assuming that our original plan was still what God wanted.  Once we did that we really felt like we were supposed to stay put.  Crazy.  This was just about 2 months's all still sinking in :) Bottom line...we realize that we cannot fully know the will of God but we definitely think this is what he wants from us right now.  So, here we are.  

So far we have no idea what we are going to do here.  Demetrius is on a full blown job hunt and we are "waiting on the Lord" to show up in a big way.  We are house sitting for our friends until August 8th then we will be somewhere else in the city of Orlando! Needless to say we are learning big lessons on trusting God when things don't seem to make sense.  

One of the great things about this journey has been the the people we've been in community with at CityChurch Downtown Orlando.  I can't put it any better than Paul Miller did in "A Praying Life" (our friend/D's mentor emailed this encouragement to Demetrius a few days ago.)

I wanted to encourage you with my notes from Chapter 28, "A Praying Life".  I have commented on them but wanted to give you the actual quotes:  "We often don't recognize the Kingdom when it comes.  It is so strange, so low.  It looks like a mistake.  We look inadequate.  We feel inadequate.  We are inadequate.  The Father takes us on the same downward journey he took his son.  We want success.  He wants' authenticity.  The Gospel, the Father's gift of his Son to die on our behalf is so breathtaking that no one has been able to tell a better story.  If you want to tell a really good story, you have to tell a gospel story.  God keeps retelling Gospel stories in our lives.  They entail suffering, so we pray to escape the story, because living in a gospel story exposes our idols.  When our idols are exposed we often give up in despair.  But by staying in the story, the kingdom comes.  Poverty of spirit is no longer a belief.  We own it.  We return to the real source of love, our heavenly Father.  We become authentic.  Gospel stories bring meaning out of suffering.  As we bring God's mind to our stories, we see his hand crafting connections behind the scenes.  This is my Father's world."

We are encouraged and hopeful that the One who has called us to step out on faith is the same One who cares for us and will make our paths straight!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Let me clarify...a few side views.

So as not to confuse...I just prefer (from here on out ;) to put the skinniest pregnancy pictures on here. I think I deserve that after 3 babies in three years!
Whoa Mama!

three years...

3 years old.
2 years old.
1 year old.

The Birthday Boy is 3!

Jayden turned 3 on Friday (June 11). We had his party a few weeks ago when our families were here for graduation. It's hard to believe he's been in our lives for three years. We are incredibly grateful to share life with him. The kid is the same (personality/quirks) as ever...always keeps us humble:)

Thomas Party!

The coolest present ever from our new friends the Dugdales! Mommy loves this tent because it fold up completely flat and take up no space at all when it's not being played with...

Daddy and the birthday boy at the Splash Pad.

Enjoying some yummy cake our friend Katie made especially for Jayden.
Family picture...gotta take what you can get (even if it involves swimsuits). Too bad I wasn't turned to the side so you could see my torpedo tummy.
Two of my favorite you!

Auntie's boy.
"Miss Luan" with Joci, Gabbie (our first ever friends), Jayden and Journey. This is typical you see because when these four are together they all want to be in the same 2x2 space:) We are really going to miss our twin friends (who happened to only be 8lbs a piece when we moved in together).
The coolest Thomas cake ever....

My good friend Melonie and her pearl-wearing beauty queen, Selah Daisy.
My high school friend Alisa with her way-to-old-looking, beautiful daughter Tori. I can't BELIEVE how much a kid can change in a few short years....sad.

"happy birthday to you..."

The Family.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pillowcase Dress

This is my first sewing project that I've done alone. I bought this vintage pillowcase at goodwill for $.99!
I just wanted to include this picture because I thought it was cute.
I paid $2.67 for a roll of ribbon and in 3 short hours my girl had a new (recycled) dress!

A trip to the dentist.

Post dentist meal. She was a little traumatized. She was afraid of the masked dentist. Thankfully daddy was there to hold her while they cleaned her teeth. But, he was traumatized because he said she was literally shaking because she was so scared. Randomly, when we got home she wanted to put all these bows in her hair and she quietly ate her lunch without talking to anyone:(
Showing off his pearly whites...he was a little nervous but told the dentist "I'm being brave." That he was! I was so proud of him.

A little fun...

Girlie girl...

MANLY men...

Flexing our muscles!

Using the Computer Mouse as a Telephone

"Journey's desk, may I help you. Oh, you want to go on a date with you'll have to talk to my big brother first."
"Here he comes, I have a feeling what he's going to say though."

Modeling her new dress that I made.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


These pictures are really out of order but it's late and I'm just gonna go with it. Love this one!
My mom and sister were there to celebrate Demetrius' great accomplishment. We could not have done this whole seminary thing without the sacrifice of so many people. To say we are grateful would be a huge understatement.
Journey LOVED her Uncle Brian. And he was amazing with both the kids...he is a Daddy himself to the cutest little guy Tristen.

The future graduate.

Wow, these guys make Demetrius look tiny. Two great counseling professors and one happy graduate!

Demetrius and his sweet Mom.

Angie and Michelle came up from Miami (or "Mommy's ami" as Jayden calls it) to celebrate with us. Angie made Demetrius the best ever carrot cake...YUM!

A family picture. It was about 9:30pm when this one was taken...can you say tired parents and deliriously happy kids?

So proud of Demetrius!

Journey girl a little unsure about the weird hat.
Blake and Lindsay...great friends who have stood by us starting with our wedding day. Thanks sweet friends for your love and support along this journey.

Three generations of Summerville men.
The glorious moment!
I'm so happy for Demetrius. He has grown and changed so much. We have had an amazing experience over the past two years together. I have lots more to write about it (and I will eventually) but for now suffice it to say that it has been challenging at times but overall we have grown closer together, closer to the Lord and closer to our friends. It has been a truly memorable time for which we will cherish forever. FOREVER.

A few others from graduation week.

I'm so glad my mom got this picture of the "Oviedo Chickens." Don't be fooled, we live in a small town outside of Orlando (and they say Alabama is country). Downtown Oviedo has so many chickens just roaming around. There are even bumper stickers that say "I BRAKE FOR OVIEDO CHICKENS." Not lying. Here's proof!

Demetrius' sweet family. I LOVE them and couldn't imagine my life without them. My mom and I were talking a few days ago about how we all really feel like the same family. This is my mom, my brother and my sister. I am blessed.
Our friend Josiah and Demetrius playing a few songs at the RTS senior banquet.

Demetrius was the president of student cabinet this past year. He really loved it and I'm sure did a fabulous job as the first Black president (at RTS that is:)