Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stay tuned...

I have lots of pictures compliments of my sweet mom. She is a picture fanatic and carries her camera around all the time when she visits. I'm so glad.

We have Journey down with a stomach bug and although the baby is also sleeping, Jayden is not. So, I'm off to hang out with him. But, stay tuned for Hope's birth day pictures and more.

Hopefully I will be able to post regularly. Still trying to figure out this new kid. However, she did go 6 hrs last night between feedings. Unfortunately she was awake for 2 of those:0) To say that I'm tired these days would be an understatement. I've decided not to fight it but embrace the tiredness. It really help:)

Professional big brother.

He has grown up so much in the last 3 months. Although he is still quite difficult at times, he is getting better:) He is a loving kid with an amazingly strong passion to get his way. Love him!

He loves to "play fight" all day long...

He loves all things Cars and Thomas. He does this cute little thing lately where he very matter of fact adds the word "actually" to the end of every sentence. For example, "I am just not tired today, actually."

Loving on daddy before he goes to work. Side note, he is working at the Center for Drug Free Living in downtown Orlando. He has some stories to tell me friends! He likes his job and works with really great people. We are super thankful for that.

Sporting his new Cars pjs. This morning we were driving in the car and he said "Mom (pause) I'm so glad we had this baby." He has been amazing with Hope. So helpful, gentle and protective. If she cries he likes to suggest, "maybe she's hungry, actually."

Her last days as the baby...

Care free the night before Hope arrived. She had no clue she was about to lose her spot as the baby:(

Love this girl. She loves all things princess.
So stylist in her zip front jean dress.

Ta-da...she LOVES Dora with a passion.

And she really wants to be potty trained. Did I mention that she has climbed out of her crib several times. Too many transitions for the mama...

"But I don't look like Jayden."'

Washing Jayden's hair is never fun. Demetrius does it thankfully because it totally causes my anxiety to go through the roof. You are wondering why? Jayden screams bloody murder the WHOLE time. Why does he do that you ask? His answer is always the same: "Cause I don't look like Jayden." Well, this picture was the finished product and he did look like Jayden, which is why he was smiling.
He doesn't think he looks like himself when his hair is wet. He won't get it wet when he swims and he freaks out if he gets splashed. Quirky little guy drives me nuts. Good thing we only have to do this once a week.
Checking on the progress.
She just had to get in on the hairdryer fun.

Doesn't he look like a big boy with his NBA towel around his waist?

Could be the last time you see me like this...

A few days before Hope was born. We are pretty sure this is the last baby. Makes me sad...kinda:) But, our hands (and hearts) are full. We will see...
Around noon on Hope's birth day!

End of July

These were the last few pictures we took at "our summer home." It was the end of July and right before Jayden dropped my camera and broke it. We moved the 1st of August and that whole month is a blur. Not sure I would have taken a single picture even if I did have a camera:)
"Hey leave me ALONE, I'm trying to relax."
Thought this was funny because they were laying the exact same way. They do act like twins sometimes. And can I add that I am pretty sure Journey is stronger than Jayden. There is only a 4lb difference between them and when they fight over a toy...she wins.

Bye bye amazing lake house. We enjoyed you. Hello 3bd 2ba apartment....we are enjoying you too!

Who does this?

Only Jayden. Passed out with a million pillows stacked on his legs. How did he do this?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are still here if anyone is still checking. We've moved, started a new job and had a baby since my last post! We now have an internet connection so I'll be catching up soon. For now I will leave ya with a few favorite pictures of the kiddos!