Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have a BILLION things to blog about...maybe soon I'll have time to do it!

He ate broccoli.

The only veggie I think the kid has EVER consumed...and then he says "mommy, Jeden eat blocully."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Few More Favorites

This is one of my all-time favorites of me and Jayden. This little guy is such a funny, quirky and sweet boy. He is unique and creative. I love him.

I really want to tear up when I look at this one. Demetrius with his babies...who absolutely think he hung the moon (and the stars). I am so thankful that they will experience such a loving and patient father.

When I ask "are you mommy's boy" he confidently replies, "Noooooooooooo, I daddy's boy."


She took her first steps today. Two to be exact...and they were small. It's hard to believe she's been in our lives for a year. Her birthday is just a week away. To say that I'm sentimental about it would be an understatement. We are pretty sure she's saying uh-oh and up...which would officially be her first words. She makes lots of noises and ma ma da da sounds but she's definitely not associating those with us yet. She is a joy to be around and she has this constant "knowing" look in her eyes. She is nothing short of a miracle and a blessing. More simply put, she is a bright spot in our our days. Seeing her in relationship with her big brother and her daddy is the sweetest gift. As a friend so creatively put it, she causes my heart to beat outside of my chest.


Our kitchen is gated off....can you tell why? For whatever reason, once a mama steps over the gate into the kitchen, flocks of crying children ensue.

Coolio. Nuf said.

My girl has a serious case of the high top fade. I guess eventually I'll have to trim the top as the back catches up. For now...we are cool with little puffs and headbands.

Here's a shot of our friend Stacey as 4 of the 5 kids (who are apparently attention deprived) compete for a spot in her lap. The little girl on the right (making #5) is Selah. I was babysitting her while Stacey was babysitting the twins.

Gabbie's room AKA the "kitchen." This spot is favored and frequented by many.

Jesus Loves Me

Please allow me to interpret. "Dis I know for the BIBLE tells me so....." He does know the whole song but on this day he preferred crashing into the couch over finishing up the song. I love it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009



One of the great joys we have is seeing their relationship blossom.

Our big boy.

We think she looks JUST like Jayden in this one.

One Year Old

We had Journey's 1st year pictures! She'll be one in less than two weeks. Where did the time go? We are totally in love with her and cherish her greatly. She is an irreplaceable gift and a really bright spot in our days. We love you sweet girl. Our hearts are bigger because of you.