Tuesday, September 22, 2009

End of Summer=Still HOT here!

It's still a little too hot to brave the heat for very long. Journey enjoys getting on and off Jayden "horsey." She is very proud of herself :)

For the first time ever Jayden actually wanted me to brush his hair. He drives me nuts when I have to comb through it twice a week during bathtime. Today he is sporting the afro. Oh, and he didn't let me comb very much so it would look WAY bigger if I actually got all the curls out.

Look sleepy to you? Probably because she's been waking up just about every night for the past several weeks. Started with teething and now its just a habit. Instead of putting her and us through several hours of crying it out...we are praying that God would keep her asleep (she usually wakes up around 11-ish.

And did I mention that she ALWAYS sucks her left hand and holds on to her right earring when she's tired? It's so predictable...and so cute.

Bet your dishwasher doesn't look like this. Unless of course you have 4 kids in your house and the oldest is barely 2.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I got this outfit for jayden when I was pregnant. He's never worn it. I literally laughed as I watched him walk around in it. And although it is cute, it's just not him.

This, however, is him.

She is just growing up too fast. She is showing more and more of her personality...I love it!

Jayden's sty (sp?). Yuck...hopefully it goes away before we take pictures next weekend.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Running for Sophie Grace

My really good friend lost her sweet baby girl this past week. I am heartbroken as I consider her sorrow and look forward to the day when she will hold her 2nd daughter in her arms again.

Journal Entry: September 7, 2009

My morning began a little sooner than I had anticipated. I woke at 4:30am thinking about the race, thinking about Leslie and finally feeling prompted to pray about those specific things. After praying I just knew I was to run for Sophie Grace. Suddenly another level of significance was added to this adventure I was about to undertake. In my mind I kept hearing, "running for Sophie Grace."

Since my training had me doing a 4 minute/1 minute run/walk interval I planned to race the same. But when I came to the realization I was to run for Sophie, thus Leslie, I knew I would do all I could to run the whole 13.1 miles without stopping. I felt like if any pain I endured during the race could ease Leslie's for those few minutes I didn't care if it hurt. The funny thing is that I never hurt, never really ran out of breath, never felt like I needed to stop and never had a single doubt I was running for Sophie, to honor her life, and it wasn't on my own. I experienced serious supernatural endurance and strength both physically and mentally. It felt amazing and purposeful and God-honoring.

When I think back to the race I can hear myself over and over again saying, "this is for you baby girl." I never got to meet Sophie but I feel connected to her in a really special way. I love her.

Virginia Beach Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon

Portia and I in our freebie running shirts....compliments of the half marathon.

Stopping in the country on the way up to get some water...trying to get ahead in the hydration department.

Post Race. We don't look very sweaty but if you could see more clearly my clothes were literally dripping wet. Portia and I ran together the whole way and it was really great experiencing it with her. Thanks Portia!

Virginia Beach. It was a beautiful day. Friday night we got to see Boyz II Men perform on the beach with about 10,000 other people. It was a-mazing to say the least. I loved every minute of it. I totally turned into a 13 year old girl.

These (and my sweet husband) greeted me at the airport on Labor Day. It was a great trip and it was even greater getting home to the 3 loves of my life!
Journey playing with Jayden's toolbox.

Jayden hugging Curious George.

Could they look any more alike in this picture? This was right after they woke up (no they don't sleep in the same crib). Once they wake up they like to hang out together in one of their cribs. FYI Jayden can climb into and out of Journey's crib. Thankfully he hasn't mastered his own...yet.

He Cares.

I took this picture a few months ago with intentions to blog about these special shoes but time got away and I never got around to it. I had a great conversation with my friend Morgan today and was reminded about how God really cares about us. He cares about our needs and our desires. He loves to meet us there. Ok, so here's the scoop on the shoes. Each pair has its story but the principle is the same.

The realization that God provides for individual needs (not just a concept we learn when we study God as "the provider") has become quite apparent to me. It went like this, Jayden needed some new tennis shoes. He loves basketball anything. So, when I discovered these brand new basketball shoes in his exact size for $3 in the thrift store while visiting Mobile I called Demetrius and told him "God put those there for Jayden (not physically). They have little red basketballs on the tongue. They are his size and they are sitting here amongst several dozens old dirty shoes." We thanked God for loving Jayden in this way and for showing us that he knows and loves us and longs to go above our expectations.

And for those size 10 blue and white running shoes? They are the best pair of shoes I've ever put on my feet. After starting my half marathon training my ankle started to swell and D and I decided it was probably because of the shoes I was wearing. So, he keeps the kids one afternoon and sends me off to find the perfect pair of shoes on a not so ideal budget. It went like this....I got to the first shoe store and found these $100 shoes in a clearance bin. My size and under 50 bucks. On top of that one of the guys working in the store randomly gave me a 20% off coupon. I I immediately remember what happened with Jayden's shoes and was once again hit with the realization that God cares. He cared that I needed those shoes because I desired to do this half marathon. Even thinking about it now makes me feel secure knowing that he is all over the details of my life.

This is not about my incredible ability to find a sale (which I am pretty good at). It is so obvious to me that he purposed these events to remind me that he is a personal God and not some far-off deity that put the world in motion a really long time ago and left things.

Ok, last of all. Those white sandals have their own story as well. Journey started getting a blister on the top of her big toe from crawling on the hardwood so I decided she needed some shoes. Gabbie had these same shoes a few months prior and I knew they fit journey's thick feet just right. LaJuan got them at target and I asked her one day if she saw any more of those shoes when she went to Target earlier that day looking for shoes for the girls since they demolished their previous ones (including Gabbies white sandsals). She had looked for the white sandals but they didn't have any left. I was slightly disappointed but decided to go to target anyway to see if they had anything that would work. When I went to the shoe aisle there were no shoes at all that would work for her feet. So, as I was leaving I see these old boxes in the aisle that were closed up. Curious, I opened one and sure enough...the shoes in her size for $2.24.

And yes, Demetrius has wondered where and when his special shoes will arrive...