Monday, March 29, 2010

Jayden's Funny Stories

I have to record this for myself more than anything. He says really hilarious stuff all the time and I get really sad knowing that I will forget these days....

I was holding Jayden on my lap facing me the other day because he was crying and scared. He suddenly stopped crying, leaned back, patted my stomach and with genuine concern and pure sweetness said "oh mommy, be careful for your baby."

He was using the potty early one morning. We both sat in the bathroom in silence as we tried to fully wake up and he says, "what time is it?" And he didn't just say it, he said it like you and I would if it was WAY to early.

Hanging out in the kitchen one morning. "When Joci and Gabbie wake up (they weren't even home) and when Journey wakes up (she was actually asleep still) can make smoothies." Random. Later that day I walked in the kitchen and saw him standing there. Before I could say anything to him he asked,"Can you help me clean the kitchen?" Ummm....sure?

You know your clean laundry pile desperately needs to be folded when your 2 1/2 year old points and says, "Look Mommy, dats a mountain. Can I crash (jump) on it?"

On our 6 hour trip to see my grandmother Jayden asked if I would turn off the dvd player (this was about 5 hrs into the trip). "Mommy, turn that off, I wanna talk." We ended up singing happy birthday to the rain, shoes, a big tree, ymca, treats, poo-poo and gas station. Whatever works!

Last but not least. I saw him on the ymca playground with his teacher close by. It looked like he was upset and I was sure he got into trouble for refusing to share. By the time I reached childcare they had already brought him inside. I saw a very dirty face streaked with tears and I was certain he got into trouble. So, I asked his teacher and she said, "no he just came up to me and said he needed his sister." He apparently had searched the playground and was concerned because he couldn't find her. I asked him in the car what happened and he said with great conviction, "I lost Journey." So sweet. We reminded him that the little kids don't go to the playground and reassured him that he did not lose her. He proceeded to laugh and say, "yeah, that's silly."

Today I said, "Lord have mercy" and Jayden proceeded singing loudly, "Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy on me." Cracks me up!

By the way Journey is talking more and more. She says jump (as she jumps about 1cm off the ground and falls down), hi, bye, diaper, eat, princess (sounds more like pa-cesssss), good throw, socks, down, up please. And apparently I call her princess so much that the twins think that is her name. LaJuan told me the girls pulled into the driveway today and pointed to Journey and said, "Princess."

A Visit from Friends

Our friends Tony and Keyshonda Ford came to Disney for their Spring Break a few weeks ago. It was so great to see them. We did get a picture of all 7 of us after church but it's on Keyshonda's camera:( One night we kept Toni-Christian (almost 4) so her mommy and daddy could go on a date to the Orlando Magic BBall game. As you can see, Jayden copied her every move.
Drinking sippy cups, coloring and sitting with their feet curled up under them (by the way, he never sits like this:)

She lays down....he lays down. He was so into her!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have a lot of excuses for not blogging much lately but here are the ones that count....

Morning Sickness (day and night)
Bronchitis (Since New Years)
Sinus Infection (Since Mid January)
Pink Eye (thanks kids)
A couple of stomach bugs

I would like to report (as the picture above indicates) we are "feeling good and flying high." I am over all of my sickness and comparatively speaking I am doing great. I also have a cyst on my left ovary and we are praying that it will not get any bigger. On top of that I got an umbilical hernia from my violent throw-up episodes and never-ending coughing spells. Nice huh? I am just over 15 weeks pregnant with this little baby and I'm just really happy about it. I am thankful beyond words as I find myself dreaming about this little person and what they will be like/look like.

So, I hope all of the posts below will redeem my blog-slacking ways!

Their Favorite Things...

Playing Peek-A-Boo

Climbing onto anything and everything (this is demetrius' box drum). I took my eyes off her for 2 seconds at chickfila and she had climbed INTO the high chair.
Climbing in and out of boxes, baskets and storage bins. She also loves reading books and dancing to any kind of music.
He loves throwing sticks, leaves and rocks into the water. He loves to wear his pjs (all day long) and his rain boots have become everyday attire.

He also loves to read, play instruments and sing. He still doesn't eat much but he can down some chocolate milk. He loves Dora, Elmo and Thomas the Tank Engine. He is a charming little guy!

Brotherly Love

Jayden pulled the baby bathtub out and excitedly told Journey "get in the boat." He is tickling her in this picture. They really know how to have fun together. I adore it!
A sweet hug from a sweet big brother.

Just hanging out in the "boat."

Googley Eyes...

Mr. Repairman

Demetrius has been telling Jayden he would take him to "work" on the fire hydrant. Can you tell how excited he was about this little adventure?

Taking his job seriously.

Getting a little help from the little sister...who will copy ANYTHING big brother does.

Snack break. This girl cares way more about breakfast than working.

Daddy the supervisor proudly looks on.

Best Nap-ers Ever

I have to post this because one day (gasp) naps will be a thing of the past. On an average day I get a good 3 hour break from my two favorite little people. These kids can nap! Don't be too jealous though...our nights are rarely drama free:) Nevertheless, I am thankful for the mid-day crash sessions (yes I still nap when they do).

The Faces of a Princess

The Dorky Face
Miss Sassy Face
Busted Eating a Popsicle Face
Sleeping Beauty Face
Stinky Face