Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday we took Journey in for her 9mth checkup and Jayden for his weight check.  She was 22lbs 8oz (95th) and 30inches (98th).  Jayden did gain some weight but hasn't kept eating as well as he did when he was on the medicine.  So, we are going to start giving him the medicine in 1 wk intervals with some time off in between to see if we can get his appetite stimulated.  I'm hopeful that one day he will be "eating me out of house and home."  He weighed 28 lbs (48th) and was 36 inches (94th).  That means he gained 1.5lbs in a month! That is 1/2 of what he gained the entire past year...progress.

Welcome to Eatonville

Last month we visited Eatonville, Florida, which is the oldest incorporated African American municipality in the United States. I took some great pictures on my mom's camera but unfortunately didn't get them uploaded to my computer before she went back to Alabama. We ate the best food ever (for like $5 each), toured the museum, visited the town hall and just walked around. It was a beautiful day and we were glad to be able to experience a piece of history.

A Weekend Away...Kind of

Demetrius had a "vacation week" during the week of the 4th of July. My mom and his sister Angela came down to visit with us and also to keep the kids so Demetrius and I could have our first real get-a-way since we've had our kids. Can you tell I was excited?

We were able to stay in Orlando at a friend's house on the lake. They were out of state and so gracious in letting us pretend it was ours. It was fun to pretend and even more fun to just get away from the everyday diapers and sippy cups to enjoy some much needed and uninterrupted time together. We watched 5 different mini fireworks shows from the dock.

This is the front view of the's an old house in a really cool neighborhood with HUGE old oak trees. I did my 6 mile run around their neighborhood and by Rollins College while we were there. Meanwhile, Demetrius watched a series about John Adams. We do have our differences!

Then, we played like two little children at SeaWorld's waterpark...Aquatica. We had a blast and were really thankful for the chance to do something fun. It's funny how you forget how to have fun because you're just so busy doing "stuff." I mean we have lots of fun moments with the kids but it was really interesting to be reminded that it is possible to have fun as adults.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Difference One Year Can Make

This was Jayden with his GG and bball the day of his 1st birthday party. He was 23lbs and a few ounces at his 1 year appointment. And...a year later he has only gained 3lbs.

Here is Jayden on his 2nd birthday. He's gone from simply eating his basketball to running while dribbling. His motor skills have developed normally but he hasn't gained enough weight. At one point in this past year he dropped into the 10th percentile for weight. So, after trying just about everything to get him to eat and being constantly discouraged the dr. put him on a medicine that would increase his appetite...IT WORKED! He had no appetite before and now he eats like a normal very picky toddler. Still not where we want to be but SOOOO much better. Taking him back for a weigh-in next week. Keep ya posted...

Bath Time Fun

More from Jayden's Bham Bday Party

Uncle Brian came from Tuscaloosa to celebrate with us!

Opening presents the day after his birthday. He LOVES his golf clubs, basketball, baseball, bowling and bubble stuff. I, of course, love all of the fun clothes, books and puzzles. He does love to "read" so that's exciting!

Journey hanging with the girls in the family.

T Deborah and Destiny (the newest baby in the family). GG with Journey girl...notice anytime after bedtime her thumb WILL be in her mouth. But, it keeps her pacified!

Uncle BoBo helping Jayden slam dunk it!

The cheesy walmart basketball cake that Jayden STILL talks about. He loved it...that's all that matters. He asks us to "graw baskeball cake" in sidewalk chalk just about every day.

His personalized jersey...from Daddy!

Waking up the morning of his bday at Tara and DJ's beautiful house near Birmingham (they housed us for a few days). Thanks again T!! The stairs were quite entertaining for jayden.

Happy Birthday to me...

Journey and Auntie

This girl LOVES her Auntie.


I'd like to share my newest creation with you (well, my newest find anyway). Homemade pizza...sort of. The dough is amazing and you get it at Publix in the bakery section for $2.59(the non-homemade part). This particular creation is my favorite so far. One side is bell pepper, mushroom and pepperoni. The other has a pesto base with roma tomatoes, mushrooms and grilled chicken. YUM! You can make these for about $10/pizza and they are HUGE and BETTER than ordering from the regular pizza places.

Money Saver

These split peas (2lb dry bag) were $2. That is about as much as I would have to pay for the amount that is in the two bowls to the far right. Crazy huh? I'm so glad LaJuan introduced me to the baby food making business. It's cheeper and it actually tastes decently good. You can also make some things you can't buy in the store like avocado, broccoli, spinach, celery and cauliflower. It does take a little effort but I think it's worth it (if you're like me and have to be on a tight budget).

The Guys of the House

"Working" in the yard. Well, Shane and Demetrius were working. Jayden...not so much. But, he wants to be with the guys whenever possible. Thankfully they let him.

Welcome Home

This would be the snake that I practically stepped on by my front door one morning after coming in from church (with Journey in tow). Thankfully I didn't see it until it literally jumped into the bushes. Then...I took a picture from the safety of the playroom (through the window).

Thursday, July 16, 2009


This may sound crazy but I always knew my family would look different. Even when I was younger I just didn't picture the "norm" for my life. I also thought a lot about adoption. Well, obviously our family isn't the norm and "looks" somewhat different. But not like this...I've recently been following a story of the Weimer's (lots of you know Kevin and Amy's Kevin's brother who I am referring to). They have an amazing family that I'm sure is FULL of challenges and JOYS! Since seeing their blog a few months ago and then following lots of other Ethiopian adoption blogs...I've become a little obsessed and think God may be igniting something in my heart. Anyway...if you have a minute please stop by their blog and be encouraged.

One Day...

I will eventually get the rest of Jayden's Bday pics up. One day...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

more from bham party

The Comptons...Campbell was playing with the hula hoops.

Family Photo

Journey meeting Granny for the first time.

Journey and Reagan.

Love this one of Journey and GG!