Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Part II: Oreo Truffles

For all of my non-healthy eating friends out there (julia)...I would like to share a recipe for Oreo Truffles. I would bet that my non-healthy eating friends (julia) probably already know this one but in light of my last post I think I better share it just in case.

OREO TRUFFLES (with no cool step by step photos)

1 package oreos
1-8oz cream cheese
chocolate bark

chop up the oreos in a food processor. mix in softened cream cheese. roll into 1-inch balls. refrigerate until hard. melt chocolate (or whatever candy coating you'd like) and dip balls. place on wax paper or a baking sheet and refrigerate until chocolate hardens. keep refrigerated (because of cream cheese) and try not to eat all of them because they are really. really. bad. for. you.


Parks Avenue said...

Oreo Truffles sounds much more delightful than what we call them. Just plain old oreo balls around here. But, deliciousness all the same:)

Sara-Beth Noll said...

I have been dreaming of this recipe since you posted it and am making them today for our shuttle launch party. I think we will call them "moon rocks"... just to be festive, you know :) They look delish!

black tag diaries said...

ummm... how have i not seen this post until now? i will be making these next week. period. the end.