Sunday, May 29, 2011

almost a quitter

I really thought about quitting this blog... and I might still. There is just too much life going on to capture it all. I get behind and then who has time to catch up on blogging when you're...

hanging outside with 3 little kids expectantly waiting for daddy to get home from work.
figuring out how to parent an incredibly cool, almost-four-year-old.
bathing and rebathing children who seem to pee on everything and who are always covered in food (hope). not to mention the high maintenance hair of the older ones. i love doing their hair but they don't exactly love it:)
making sure we keep up with these cars... and that the boy in this picture is confident in being the fastest, tallest, strongest, etc.
making sure that your two athletically talented children don't come crashing down from the playground built for children 5-12 years old.
daily removing permanent marker (lotion, diaper cream, vaseline, makeup, crayola marker, etc) from your child "artist."
busy snapping iPhone photos of a princess sleeping in such a way as to not disturb her pre-nap tea party (which she had in her brothers bed).
finding and enjoying time with your husband and best friend... oh and 8.5 month old baby who loves to make funny faces.

responding to "look at me mommy" all day long:) aka pouring on the praise and encouragement.
watching your 2.5 year old get so big it makes your heart hurt.

teaching a baby to eat, and sleep, and watching her fall in love with her brother and sister.
watching for parking lot traffic so you're toddlers can ride their bikes over the speed bumps again and again and again (the joys of apartment living).
ummm... does anyone else's house look like this 5 minutes after the children awake? impressive.


The Rigoloso's said...

Oh, please don't give quit! How else would I get to see your beautiful family?! I can't believe Hope is nearly 9 months old. Such great pics, Amy.

danielle said...

That is one of the funniest post I have read in a while... please don't quit! Capture what you can and throw it on here!
Those pictures are hilarious. And yes, my house looks like that too! And it looks like that ALL day long!

black tag diaries said...

don't be a quitter. didn't delph teach you anything? and like molly said... i need this blog to get my summerville-fix. i miss you.