Monday, August 22, 2011

What's a Mommy to do?

We are alive... and well. My head is spinning with all that we've been up to these last few weeks of summer. Bottom line is that my kids are GROWING UP!

I am starting the weaning process.
Hope turns 1 in about 2 weeks.
She started taking steps this week.
Jayden started school today (tear).
Journey is officially out of pull-ups (day/night).

Demetrius' mom and brother are here with us and have been a huge help with all the craziness. We took a trip to Alabama and North Carolina. We have been swimming daily and going to SeaWorld a bunch. We are still looking for a house to buy in Holden Heights, where our church is exploring the possibility of an urban church plant. I can't seem to find the time or energy to update as often as I would like but I'm not giving up just yet:)


The Spiveys said...

Wow. How are your kids so big??

Lindsey said...

good to hear from you! glad you are alive and not giving up on the blog! the kids are awesome! hoping we can get down there again in the next few months....

Shane, LaJuan, Jocelyn and Gabrielle said...

yay! always fun to get hear an update and see pics of your teenagers!! what??!? i can't believe how big they are getting. It's just crazy :) miss you guys!

Amy said...

My kids are growing up way too fast, too!
Beautiful family pic at the top!
Always love an update, but I understand not having the time.

These Three Kings said...

Hope you guys are doing well!! :)